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Ransomware defense: proactive and thoroughly comprehensive

While the COVID-19 pandemic took control of the world security experts began to see a dramatic rise in a different kind of threat: Ransomware.


Did you know Ransomware operators carry out more than 4000 attacks daily?

With operators of this vicious malware spreading their net, SMB has become significantly more targeted.

Large insurance carriers are even beginning to stop carrying or limiting policies as it relates to Ransomware, as the continues to has deteriorate!

What is the remedy to Ransomware?


A comprehensive security and disaster recovery platform.


We protect our clients from Ransomware by:


  • Monitoring for threats with our Cloud based security operation center to detect vectors of attacks in real-time and stop them.

  • Applying the latest software and OS updates weekly to reduce the attack surface of your devices.

  • Managing advanced filters to your email environment to reduce the risk of initial infection via phishing and spear-phishing.

  • Providing simulated phishing and cyber attacks to teach your team to learn the patterns of these threats and how to protect themselves on an individual level.

  • Comprehensively backup your data environments (Both cloud platforms and on-premise servers) offsite so the integrity of your data is protected. 


Contact us today to learn more!

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