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Technology Requirements of Tabernacle Technology Solutions

In order to be a member of Tabernacle technology Solutions Managed Services Program you must have or be utilizing the following minimum standards of  services, hardware, and Operating Systems:

  • A minimum internet connection of 30 Mbps download by 10 Mbps upload.

  • Microsoft 365

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Microsoft Servers

  • Microsoft Hyper-V

  • Dell Servers & Storage

  • Lenovo Desktops & Laptops

  • Ubiquiti Switches

  • HP Printers

  • Ubiquiti Wireless Access Points

  • Netgate or Untangle Routers & Firewalls

  • Microsoft Office 2019 and Above

  • Microsoft Windows 10 and Above

  • Mac OS Big Sur and above

  • 3CX Phone Systems



 Computer desktop and laptop Hardware minimums:

  • CPU of Intel® Core™ i5‑7260U Processor                 (AMD and M1/M2 equivalents are acceptable).

  • 8GB of RAM.

  • 500GB overall of Hard Disk/ Solid State disk space.

Acceptable Backup systems covered by TTS monitoring:

  • Microsoft built in server backup

  • OneDrive local profile replication to Azure

  • Tabernacle's dedicated server backup solution

  • Tabernacle's Cloud-to-Cloud backup solution for SAAS products

To have a non-compliant system covered by MSP services a member of Tabernacle's Technology Team must review and add an exemption to the account records.

Thank you!





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