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Why choose Tabernacle Technology Solutions?

We care about the quality of our service


Tabernacle Technology Solutions is a group of technology enthusiasts who believe that ethical, reliable technology solutions partners should be the norm rather than the exception! ​
The way Tabernacle measures its success is through the continued success  of our partners! Whether you are a group of 5 or 500 we have tailored solutions that are scaled to affordably assist you in becoming a cutting edge and secure organization.
Have the knowledge and experience of a top-notch professional backing you, without the hassle and logistics of hiring your own team!

We are locally owned and operated in Central Ohio


- We care about timely service, accessibility and performance. Every time you connect with us you receive a consultant that is assigned to your business and knows how to best service you with a white glove approach. 

We want to be more than a service provider, we want to be your strategic partner!


The word "partner" is thrown around alot by many different vendors and service providers, but what does it really mean?

We believe the word "partner" should not be a synonym for "customer" rather it should be representative of a deeper relationship and trust between organizations and individuals. 

When you look for a strategic partner, you should look for someone who cares about you and your organizations well-being and not just if you can pay the bills.

We truly want to see our partners succeed, and every interaction with our team reflects this!

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